Farewell party 2018

 To ensure lively environment in the college with regards to academic as well as co-curricular activates, a Fare well party of DZIC was held on Thursday, 19th April in an emotionally charged atmosphere in the Auditorium of the DPD. The house full event was attended by the students, staff and management of the DZIC.

The function began with the recitation of Quran. In the function students of both years, did mimicry, performed skits, parodies & Speeches truly share their experiences and memories during their stay at college.

The Event was jointly chaired by Anwar Ahmed Zia Executive director & Dr.Shireen Mansoor M.S of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital. They both gave brief speeches to encourage students and wishing good luck in the forth coming year, of their practical life.

 At the end of the ceremony Tokens of Appreciation were distributed among the students by our Executive director. The students enjoyed a lot and gave positive feedback.

Annual Picnic

Picnic is arranged at the end of each year to revitalize students and give them a break from tough academic session. Students socialize with each other and have fun outside the domain of classroom.

Dr. Ziauddin Day

Every year Dr. Ziauddin Day is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. Students come up with speeches, plays, quizzes to honor great educationist. They also shed light on the life of Dr. Ziauddin in the field of education.

Teacher’s Day

On October 05, the academic session starts by appreciating the role teachers play in providing quality education at all levels. This enables students of all ages to learn to take part and contribute to their local community and global society.

Defense Day

Defense day is commemorated to pay tribute to our brave soldiers who fought bravely in the war against India. DZIC also pays tribute to the services of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air force in defending and protecting our beloved Pakistan.

Independence Day

To celebrate freedom, Independence Day is celebrated to promote patriotism and national unity. Students commemorate the success of struggle of independence. The day begins with flag hoisting ceremony and followed by students’ performance, speeches, enactment shows and quizzes.


Every year, DZIC organizes an orientation day where each faculty member motivates students, provide guidelines to the decorum of the college and counsel them for career pathway. The students help the newcomer to explore the college and acquaint themselves with one another.

Farewell Party

Every phase of life has a start and stop point and for students, the beginning is always amusing while the exit causes stress. To make this step less stressful students of Ziauddin Intermediate College throw farewell to the graduating students.